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  • The positive healing effects of TUF-FOOT were highlighted in the February 2001 Horse Journal:
    The major active ingredient is natural resin from the Balsam tree, which has antifungal, toughening, and anesthetic properties. We tried TUF-FOOT on several horses with painful soles, either bruises or thin soled horses, with obvious improvement in just a few days in all of the test horses.
  • One horse had a severely bruised area pared out of her sole and was left with a deep hole that extended down to live tissue. This area was tender even with moderate finger pressure. We packed it with cotton soaked in TUF-FOOT and within 24 hours the tissue was no longer sensitive to the touch, in three days, a thick layer of insensitive sole had formed on the bottom and sides and the horse had no sensitivity at all.


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Horse hoof care and maintenance are keys to the prevention and treatment of hoof injuries and disease such as stone bruises, thrush and soft frogs. Regular Hoof care is also highly important to the overall health of the animal. Tuf-Foot aids in the prompt healing of stone bruising, thrush, hoof disease, sensitive frogs, close trimming, cuts and abrasions.

TUF-FOOT should be in every farrier’s tool kit to ensure that horse's hoof care needs are taken care of.

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